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  • Wood Mountain Regional Park

24 Full Service, 34 Electrical Sites, 60 Non-Electrical Sites, Food Service, Outdoor Pool, Swimming Lessons, Lifeguards, Picnic Area, Playground, Showers, Modern Washrooms, Firewood, Ice, Telephones, Nature Trails, Pets Permitted.

  • Wood Mountain Rodeo Ranch Museum


The Rodeo Ranch Museum is located beside the swimming pool in the park. The Rodeo Ranch Museum offers you a western welcome! Displays in the museum feature the life of the cowboys and ranchers who first came to the area in the 1880’s.

  • Wood Mountain Post Provincial Park

Wood Mountain Post Provincial Park is a short, scenic walk along a cut path from the Wood Mountain Regional Park. Its proximity to the United States border determined its role in policing the northwest.

  • Sitting Bull

The famous Sioux medicine man, Sitting Bull and as many as 5000 of his Sioux followers took refuge here from the US Army after the battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876. Although Sitting Bull returned to the US in 1881 and later died, some of his followers remained and their descendants still live in the area to this day. A monument to Sitting Bull has been placed at the top of the hill overlooking the Regional Park behind the Rodeo-Ranch Museum.

  • Wood Mountain Lakota First Nation

The Wood Mountain Lakota First Nation is located 2 miles north of the Rodeo Grounds.
Historical documents indicate that the earliest information regarding the Sioux Indians being in the Wood Mountain area was dated 1881. At this time when Sitting Bull finally left Canada, several hundred of his followers stayed in the Moose Jaw area where they worked in town in the winter, and hunted at Wood Mountain in the summer. For years the Canadian Government tried to get these people to return to the United States, however, the Sioux refused and requested a reserve in the Moose Jaw area.

  • Village of Wood Mountain,_Saskatchewan

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